Saturday, September 18, 2010

holiday report- part 2

Oh noo...... holiday is almost over.... aw mann.. it seems thet this site gonna be unstructulised for several moment then... whatever. I spend the last breath of my holiday air by working on several project and playing the almost be completed games. And.. it seems that I haven't sleep for several days now....
Mayoi Neko Overrun!

 Moving to the main point. I want to continue the topic before this, yeah, about the anime I've watched during the holiday. The next one is... hmm.. let see... Mayoi Neko Overrun! Still the same type of anime I liked (comedy + harem of course) but minus the alien girls and angeloids. This time they got cat girl ( Nya!!!) something that I think everyone likes (who doesn't?). ..heh... The main character, Takumi Tsuzuki, and his sister own a cafe, The Stray Cats'. He got a childhood friend, Fumino Serizawa, which is like him too, an orphan. Fumino is typical a Tsundere kind of girl, never honest to herself. They both go together in a same school, funded by the principal. Chise Umenomori, which is the heiress to the Umenomori family is a typical spoiled rich brats who will try everything to get what her wants.She too had aa affection to Takumi and tried to attract his attention.
It's good to be here, right?

One day, Otome, which is Takumi sister, found a girl, Nozomi Kiriya, and brought it home. She began to live with them as a family (well, after being persuaded). She got typical moe style appearence, especially when she look emotionless and being an airhead. she also always go Nya~... but actually, Nozomi too liked Takumi.The story is basically about their life, especially about the Stray Cat shop and their ridiculuous club. It has different style of story on each episode, notably because there are different director each time. Some episode are just damn funny, while other feel a little sad sometimes. Well, It is good comedy anime where cat girls are included! Nya~..

Click here to watch the anime opening!
Tadaa! Baka to test to Shoukanjuu!

Hmm... moving to the next anime....Baka to test to Shoukanjuu....a pretty good anime here. The character in this anime are just damn hilarious to watch. The main character,Akihisa Yoshii is an idiot, but even that, still got 2 girls to hook on him. The first one,Minami Shimada, are cute (and flat) and the other, Mizuki Himeji, are just damn moe. His friend got an unique personality on each of them. They are, the cool looking (but just an idiot too) class representative Yūji Sakamoto, the bishōnen Hideyoshi Kinoshitam, who always be mistaken as a girl ( she.. I mean does look suprisingly cute) and the perverted Tsuchiya Kouta who will shoot a barrage of red liquid thingy from his nose when he 'suddenly' saw something ecchi (and he got all the informatin about the anatomy of the human (girl's) body..cool..).

Their school is no ordinary school. Each of the student have their own summoned being, and a test is being held each time to determind the power of their being. Each class are being separated according to their grade, from the luxurious A class until the 'is this a class?' F class. The only way to change their classes is to held ESB battle, as to determine their intelligence level. The fellow classmates on the F class are not satisfied on this rule, and try prove that this class separation is just a sign of tyranny. But they finally realised how fun actually their class is, eventhough is doesn't even look like a class. It is also noted the there is a love triangle between Akihisa, Minami and Himeji. The story is funny to watch as the character development is very interesting. At least they got something new to show about. Oh, and I hear they are going to make a second season! Yeah baby!

Click here to watch the anime opening!
Right, see ya later! Erk, my veterbrate!

So thats all I think I want To talk about tis holiday. Actually there is a lot more I want to talk but time is just damn worthy and I haven't finish up much of my work yet. Next time, I'm gonna talk about games, or maybe a newer anime. Yeah Otaku life never ends.... Until next time, bye!
(and again, sorry for the bad english language and I'm looking foward to receive your's comment!.. sayonara!)

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