Monday, September 27, 2010

the world of keroro

Keroro Gunsō (ケロロ軍曹, Keroro Gunsō, Sergeant Keroro), released in English as Sgt. Frog, is a manga series by Mine Yoshizaki. It was later serialized into a TV anime series directed by Junichi Sato. Both the anime and manga are comedies that follow the attempts of a platoon of frog-like alien invaders to conquer Earth. Sergeant Keroro, the titular character, is the leader of the platoon, but is at the mercy of a human family of three after he is captured while trying to hide in one of the family member's bedrooms. In both the manga and anime, Keroro is forced to do meaningless chores and errands for the family after his army abandons his platoon on Earth.
The series takes its comedy from a combination of wordplay (particularly puns and homophones), physical humor, situational irony, and numerous pop culture references (especially to Gundam, Space Battleship Yamato, Dragon Ball Z, and Neon Genesis Evangelion). Various anime, games, manga, and other aspects of pop culture are parodied/referenced throughout the series as a bonus to older viewers. Both the manga and the anime are laden with pop-culture references, and even in the same story the references often vary wildly. The anime does not explicitly refer to Evangelion or other animations to which Bandai does not hold the copyrights, but only recreates the "feel" of famous scenes from these anime. The anime is much more detailed and direct in its Gundam references, however, since Bandai does hold rights to the Gundam franchise.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New episodes!

I have just uploaded the last pages of Magister magi Kid Ep 1 and several pages for episode 2! Read it Now on....


Saturday, September 25, 2010

my birthday

Oh! It's time already! Wow, I, as the leader of this club thingy...... am so proud as my birthday had come! (well it is actually on 21st september if you want to know). My birthday is also the club birthday! Congratulations!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

konichiwa watashi aniq-kun aka paru-san

support us to spread the love of anime deep in peoples core. hope you all will live along with anime. arigato kozaimasu!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

holiday report- part 2

Oh noo...... holiday is almost over.... aw mann.. it seems thet this site gonna be unstructulised for several moment then... whatever. I spend the last breath of my holiday air by working on several project and playing the almost be completed games. And.. it seems that I haven't sleep for several days now....
Mayoi Neko Overrun!

 Moving to the main point. I want to continue the topic before this, yeah, about the anime I've watched during the holiday. The next one is... hmm.. let see... Mayoi Neko Overrun! Still the same type of anime I liked (comedy + harem of course) but minus the alien girls and angeloids. This time they got cat girl ( Nya!!!) something that I think everyone likes (who doesn't?). ..heh... The main character, Takumi Tsuzuki, and his sister own a cafe, The Stray Cats'. He got a childhood friend, Fumino Serizawa, which is like him too, an orphan. Fumino is typical a Tsundere kind of girl, never honest to herself. They both go together in a same school, funded by the principal. Chise Umenomori, which is the heiress to the Umenomori family is a typical spoiled rich brats who will try everything to get what her wants.She too had aa affection to Takumi and tried to attract his attention.
It's good to be here, right?

One day, Otome, which is Takumi sister, found a girl, Nozomi Kiriya, and brought it home. She began to live with them as a family (well, after being persuaded). She got typical moe style appearence, especially when she look emotionless and being an airhead. she also always go Nya~... but actually, Nozomi too liked Takumi.The story is basically about their life, especially about the Stray Cat shop and their ridiculuous club. It has different style of story on each episode, notably because there are different director each time. Some episode are just damn funny, while other feel a little sad sometimes. Well, It is good comedy anime where cat girls are included! Nya~..

Click here to watch the anime opening!
Tadaa! Baka to test to Shoukanjuu!

Hmm... moving to the next anime....Baka to test to Shoukanjuu....a pretty good anime here. The character in this anime are just damn hilarious to watch. The main character,Akihisa Yoshii is an idiot, but even that, still got 2 girls to hook on him. The first one,Minami Shimada, are cute (and flat) and the other, Mizuki Himeji, are just damn moe. His friend got an unique personality on each of them. They are, the cool looking (but just an idiot too) class representative Yūji Sakamoto, the bishōnen Hideyoshi Kinoshitam, who always be mistaken as a girl ( she.. I mean does look suprisingly cute) and the perverted Tsuchiya Kouta who will shoot a barrage of red liquid thingy from his nose when he 'suddenly' saw something ecchi (and he got all the informatin about the anatomy of the human (girl's) body..cool..).

Their school is no ordinary school. Each of the student have their own summoned being, and a test is being held each time to determind the power of their being. Each class are being separated according to their grade, from the luxurious A class until the 'is this a class?' F class. The only way to change their classes is to held ESB battle, as to determine their intelligence level. The fellow classmates on the F class are not satisfied on this rule, and try prove that this class separation is just a sign of tyranny. But they finally realised how fun actually their class is, eventhough is doesn't even look like a class. It is also noted the there is a love triangle between Akihisa, Minami and Himeji. The story is funny to watch as the character development is very interesting. At least they got something new to show about. Oh, and I hear they are going to make a second season! Yeah baby!

Click here to watch the anime opening!
Right, see ya later! Erk, my veterbrate!

So thats all I think I want To talk about tis holiday. Actually there is a lot more I want to talk but time is just damn worthy and I haven't finish up much of my work yet. Next time, I'm gonna talk about games, or maybe a newer anime. Yeah Otaku life never ends.... Until next time, bye!
(and again, sorry for the bad english language and I'm looking foward to receive your's comment!.. sayonara!)

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Manga!

Finally, I finished uploading my beautiful masterpiece, my manga!!!! ( the drawing is not so good actually.... sob...). The first episode are up. It is about a normal boy suddenly living on an extaordinary life after meeting a mysterious girl..... pretty familiar? Whatever. Ok, what are you waiting for? Read it now!

read it on HERE!

report on my holiday!

Oh, Domo! Welcome to the Otaku Club Blog Site. I haven't done much things recently, except for playing games I haven't finished yet and and watching anime I want to watch but couldn't.The long holiday is almost ended, and I haven't finished a lots of work yet. Well, for the sake of Otaku, nothing is matter.

Yeah baby!

Ok, let's get to the point. Because I got nothing to do here, I'm gonna talk about some anime I watched during the holiday. I spend much of the time staying up late in the middle of the night watching anime in front of my computer. Time is Platinum for me, so every second is damn priceless.

Most of the anime I watch is 'slice of life', adventure, school life and comedy. But I really like 'Harem' type of anime, where main male character always be surrounded by a bunch of girls. Why you ask me? Because I always being jealous at the naive boy who innocently being surrounded by beautiful girls without much reasons. 'Lucky bastard', I thought to myself. Heh, maybe I look like a pervert, or maybe I admire the feeling of an anime, or maybe I'm just a freak. Well whatever.

To love-ru
 The first anime I start to watch during the holiday is to 'love-ru'. Well, it is a typical harem + comedy anime. It is about 26 episode long, kind of tired to watch it. The early episodes is about the main character, Yuki Rito, who suddenly meet Lala, a beautiful alien girl from planet Deviluke. Rito is just an innocent young boy who likes Haruna Sairenji, but he is 'gifted' with an awful plague of bad luck. The story start slowly, but after much of the character has been introduced, it is quite interesting actually. What bugs me is, most of the girls don't care much when Rito done weird stuff to them. It is his damn luck who keeps him on trouble when surrounded by girls ( alien and human alike).

welcome, master!

In this anime, there is about, hmm... let see.... Lala, Haruna, Yui, Yami, Run, Mikado,...... 6 (or more) that have a crush on him! "Damn lucky", I thought. It is soon I realise that it is actually his kind side that make the girls attracted to him. I still don't understand why Rito would still prefer Haruna eventhough Lala is always beside her. That is the problem with lucky girl's magnet boy, I think. The anime when overboard and doesn't follow the manga though. But I guess the story is still fine. The love troubles continue...

Click here to watch the Anime Opening!

Sora no Otoshimono
The next anime is Sora no Otoshimono. Well I think I like the main male character in this anime (he...he...). The main male character, Tomoki Sakurai, is a peace loving and pervert boy. His motto 'peace and quite is the best', and he love to read and watch ero stuff. But one day, he meet a mysterious girl, Ikaros, which is actually a pet-class Angeloid, type Alpha-Ikaros. Tomoki then become her master after that. Such a wonderful dream to have as your servant (or pet)... damn lucky... Back to the story, Ikaros can do anything that her master wishes or ordered her to by using several techno-magical cards and Tomoki had done all the things which is a 'guy dreams'.

I want to sleep there too....
 Tomoki's childhood friend, Sohara Mitsuki, had a crush on him and have a death dealing karate chop ready to be served on Tamaki each time he does something weird. But actually, she enjoy it but maybe to shy (or tsundere) to confess on him. Later on, Tomoki meet another Angeloid, Nymph, an Electronic Warfare Angeloid, type Beta. She may look cool and chilling, but after that she too become attracted to Tomoki. Tomoki always said that the Angeloid are ruining his peace and quiet life, but he actually accept them as a family. He also want to make Ikaros more 'human' and the story of them having fun together is very touching. Nevertheless, it is a great anime, and it is Super Lucky enough for 3 beautiful girls to have crush on you.

Click here to watch the anime opening!

Well, I think thats it. Don't worry, another report is coming up as this is only part one. To be continued....
(sorry for bad english....hehe... oh, and please comment if you want to..)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Selamat hari raya!!!

To all the muslim viewer exspecially, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!! This is the time for a little celebration after the fasting month. The Otaku Club will done some activity during the raya days.And again to all of the Otaku, Selamat Hari Raya  and keep yours commitment as an otaku. Forgive me if I had done somethings which may hurt your feeling. Sorry, no 'duit raya', hehehe.....
but I got chocolate for you!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New page!

I've added several pages on this site ( anime, manga, games). This is for everyone reference on that topic. More will be come soon enough, so just wait!


Monday, September 6, 2010

What is this "Otaku" means?

Otaku (おたく / オタク) (oh-tah-kooh) is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga or video games.

In modern Japanese slang, the term otaku refers to a fan of any particular theme, topic, or hobby. Common uses are anime otaku (a fan of anime), cosplay otaku and manga otaku (a fan of Japanese comic books), pasokon otaku (personal computer geeks), gēmu otaku (playing video games), and wota (pronounced 'ota', previously referred to as "idol otaku") that are extreme fans of idols, heavily promoted singing girls. There are also tetsudō otaku or denshamania (railfans) or gunji otaku (military geeks).

Some of Japan's otaku use the term to describe themselves and their friends semi-humorously, accepting their position as fans, and some even use the term proudly, attempting to reclaim it from its negative connotations.
The term is a loanword from the Japnese language. In English, it is usually used to refer to an obsessive fan of anime/manga and/or Japanese culture generally, and to a lesser extent Japanese  video games.
As otaku make up a good portion of the creative forces behind anime and manga, it is only natural that several works of manga and anime on otaku culture have appeared, often as a light-hearted pastiche.
Source: Wikipedia 
So, what Otaku is in yourself?

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